10 rules on the importance of education in English

Approaches like “You are an adult now, you are a man and you are not a child!”are not educational, but frustrating. Children should play, move, be little awkward, touch the stone on the floor, get their heads dirty and lead their youth. The psychosocial development of children must be monitored and informed. According to Erickson’s psychosocial development theory, every era has development goals and conflicts. Erickson, who divides human life into 8 phases in terms of psychosocial development, explains that conflicts must be successfully resolved at every stage. It is not right to compare children with friends / puddles.

Education offers us different types of knowledge and skills. It is a continuous, slow and safe learning process that 우리카지노 helps us gain knowledge. It is a continuous process that begins when we give birth and ends when our life ends.

Good education helps to communicate better with other people. It also improves our communication skills such as language, body language, etc. A trained person is confident that they will confront a large citizen or give a speech or hold a meeting or seminar. Good education doesn’t just mean going to school or university and getting a diploma. Trade and commerce in the country will also flourish slightly if citizens are well educated.

H / She could easily express his opinion, supported by a clear purpose and logic. When describing the above errors, we also mentioned the correct ones to contradict these errors. Apart from that, we also shared the new topics below, which indicate the spread of the family in the upbringing of the child and what needs to be done. In this case the child is not his character; We try to win the character of ourselves. In this case we have to personalize our children with our characters, not with their personal characters. One of the most common mistakes parents make is that they don’t treat their children as individuals. If children are not accepted as individuals, parents can find their children’s behavior strange and wrong, even if it is not.

People with the necessary skills such as reading, writing and numerical skills have more options than those who are not there. You can explore the world and find its purpose in life. Trained people are health conscious and more productive in their work.

It keeps our mind calm and peaceful by maintaining the balance between body, mind and soul. The key to education enables you to open your difficult conclusion to success.