Acupuncture therapy

In recent years, in addition to regular 針灸 treatment, acupuncture has been used more and more frequently. This therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has proven to be effective in treating chronic pain, as well as more than 40 other diseases and conditions. However, the practice of acupuncture and how it works remain a mystery to most people. Below is a brief history of acupuncture therapy that sheds light on this ancient art of healing.

Acupuncture is a treatment that has been used for centuries in China and other Southeast Asian countries. The practice involves injecting tiny needles into key points on the body to treat the disease and promote overall health and well-being.

The first mention of acupuncture as a medicine in documents written in China first appeared in a book written around 500-300 BC. it was written. This book describes acupuncture as a central part of traditional Chinese medicine. The first acupuncture needles were called bian needles. These needles, developed in the Stone Age, were made of stone and were used to practice a rudimentary acupuncture therapy. With the advent of the Iron and Bronze Ages, metal needles, similar to the thin, hair-like needles used today, were finally developed.

Acupuncture first spread from China to neighboring countries such as Korea and Japan in the 6th century. This practice finally reached Europe in the 18th century, but was not widespread among European doctors until the 19th century. This practice finally appeared in the United States at the turn of the 20th century with an influx of Chinese immigrants. It wasn’t until the 1970s that acupuncture attracted much attention after an American information agent who underwent acupuncture therapy while traveling to China mentioned the benefits of acupuncture in a New York Times article.

Acupuncture was widely used in China until 1914, when the Government of the People’s Republic of China adopted a number of legislative measures to limit the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, almost completely stopping acupuncture therapy. Fortunately, acupuncture was still used by traditional healers in rural areas of the country. Many acupuncture specialists have worked tirelessly to protect and further develop acupuncture therapy in China. These traditionalists founded several acupuncture societies, published many books and journals about this ancient therapy, and began conducting correspondence courses for volunteers around the world.

As the history of acupuncture therapy shows, acupuncture offers many advantages in the treatment of various diseases. However, the benefits of acupuncture therapy depend on the training of an acupuncturist. Anyone thinking about acupuncture therapy should make sure that the doctor they seek treatment for is a licensed acupuncture therapist certified to treat diseases using this type of therapy.

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