You should educate your children and give them proper travel advice before taking them on a journey. Family vacation can give parents and children unforgettable memories and have fun. Travelling with children often requires a lot of patience, care and safety. This is more important if you are travelling with children for the first time. You need to prepare yourself and your children for your vacation. Offer them wise travel tips and ask them to remember addresses and phone numbers. Read the following tips for children and follow them to make your family trips safe and cheerful:

Travel for children

As part of the children’s tips, allow your family to travel more as a learning and educational experience for children. Have the children set up meetings under your supervision. Invite them to make a list of all the requirements, collect and pack their own luggage. Ask them to buy tickets and make a payment while you stand next to them. If they have difficulty, ask them for a way. Ask them to discuss rates with retailers. All this becomes their basic management training, strengthens their confidence and trains them to act in emergencies.

Water safety tips for children

If your holiday includes a trip to the pool, ocean, water park or any other place with water, never let the children enter the water alone. Always ask them to wear a life jacket, even if they can swim. Chemicals or jellyfish in the water can cause skin problems or other health problems. Do not expose children to very low temperatures, electric current and sudden temperature changes.

Travel safety tips for children

It is important to understand that the health status of the country you are visiting is not the same as here in the United States. Before moving abroad, be sure to get appropriate vaccines for children. Vaccination produces antibodies against the disease and resists a bacterial or viral attack. In some countries, a vaccination certificate is required before issuing a visa. Talk to your doctor or travel specialist about vaccination. They will recommend vaccines for your destination and specific route.

Teach children to act in emergencies

Another tip for children is to give the kids a small amount of money and let them call a few international rooms and pay for food. Teach them how to act in emergencies, such as calling the police, calling the embassy and returning home. You will be more than happy if your child gets lost in the crowd or somewhere else. They can call you and show you the location. Don’t let the kids wear enough expensive and bright jewelry to attract the thief. Children’s jewelry is easier to damage and tear than adults.

The predation is perhaps one of the most difficult tests for most parents. Thanks to the new advice of pediatricians not to accustom children to the pot until they are ready, children are not expected to easily get out of their comfort zone and become clean overnight.

As a mother of twins, I have received some practical tips on potty learning, which I list below:

The earliest would have been better
In some cultures, parents begin to accustom their babies to pot as early as 6 months, and by the time they turn one year, they become completely clean. In other countries it is customary to teach children from the year 1. Toch advises somige arsen om those began to meet with heth treen van eleven drinkers bathneer ze tekenen van bereidheid ta vertonen, zoal hern gewoel van afquir bij het dragen van ynath natte from uel llier ei gebrec en jin zen zelte.

Don’t give up
When I showed my children their first pot at the age of one, they started screaming and screaming and refused to sit on it. But when I started putting their favorite toys on the pot and asked them to sit down so we could play with the toys, they liked to sit in the pot to play, and they quickly became associated with this pot activity with a break.

Offer incentives
Praise your kids when they use the pot. Make them proud of their success. At first I bought them toys, but later I happily discovered that a small sticker or collage from their favorite DVD show was enough to make them use the pot.

Show authority
We all love our children. But sometimes we need to use authority to show them how to behave. Under the rule I don’t mean to spank and beat them, but rather talk with force about what you want from them and why they should do it. For example, I tell my children that I want them to sit on the pot because they are no longer small children and they no longer need diapers to go to school.

As my twins approach their three-year birthday, I have to admit that hoarding was not easy, but I’m sure we’ll get there soon. Nowadays, one of my twin sons often uses the pot alone at different times of the day. However, my other son still resists using the pot alone.

Ultimately, what I learned most is that potty learning starts with teaching us to teach children to pot, and that perseverance is key to success.

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