Playing Cards: Secrets Of Kings

The Joker is the only character to appear in America and not in Europe. Despite the fact that court decks were once inspired by tarot cards, the Joker cannot be called the Fool of the Tarot.

Before poker became the king of card games, people in America were crazy about a game called Euchre. In the 1800s, card makers tried to push the idea forward by introducing Bauer cards, including the big and small Bauer.

But as poker spread along the Mississippi, the Bauers hit the deck like wild cards. Thanks to the efforts of the then designers, the German joker card turned into a “joker” with bells and a banished hat. Thus, the joker rightfully entered the standard deck of cards.

King of Clubs – Emperor Alexander with Power

The King of Clubs is supposed to have an imperial ball in his hand. The faces of the cards are still full of mysteries and unresolved disputes, but clues to their identity can be found in most of today’s cards. British and French decks changed identity back and forth, but both cultures used the same four legendary kings: Charles, David, Caesar, Alexander.

French designs had specific names from the start, and British publishers mixed and confused them. The sovereign ball held by the King of Clubs is believed to belong to Alexander. Bad copies and massive print runs often hid this hand. The sphere now often looks like an icon or part of a royal robe.

Suicide king

On playing cards with hearts, it is as if the king is thrusting his sword into his ear.Initially, Charlemagne, aka Charles, was portrayed as this king. The knife appears to be firmly implanted in his head, but this is another case of an unimportant seal. According to IPCS, our modern design is based on models created in 1565 by Pierre Marechal in Rouen. Initially, in the picture, Charles was rushing into battle, his sword raised to strike.  The same rules are also followed if you play online on 바카라사이트.

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